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Here is a transcription from this video:


Why did you want to invest in sales performance improvement?

Well, I think the simple answer is that I would like my sales team to be more effective. More effective means that they can close the deal is more faster, in a shorter period of time, and to also increase the average sales per deal.

What are you looking for in a sales performance improvement service provider?

First and foremost the provider needs to understand my needs. They have to have the experience to come up with practical solutions for me to overcome some of the problems that I have with my sales team. Really if you ask me it is:
1/ ability to understand my needs
2/ had the experience to formulate practical solutions. The key word here is practical

What was your experience like working with BP and his team?

Overall I would say that the experience has been very positive. I think BP is a very professional sales trainer. Together with his team they delivered value to my organisation.

What kind of feedback were you getting from your team?

Funny… Good… entertaining… We learned… I think by and large BP and his team has many years of experience on the ground as real sales people so they are able to be late a lot of the theories to the real life experience. The sales people found a lot of value in that, they like that very much.

What did you think of the end result?

I think at the end of the training results were clear. We now have sales people who understand how to sell more effectively, they understand customer buying behaviour, and some results we have seen an improvement in our conversion rates, and also improvement in up-selling and cross selling.

Would you recommend BP and Sales Blueprint to other businesses?

Absolutely! It’s a great program and we benefited a lot from the theory and practical advice that BP and his team has provided.

Without a doubt I would highly recommend it to any organisations who has a sales team that they want to improve their performance.


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