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Smiling Call Centre Agent At Busy OfficeCold calling is often viewed with distain among sales people, however it can be a very valuable first step in the process of building leads and generating prospective customer interest.  According to many sales experts, good cold calling – that is to say, successful cold calling – is really more of an art than a science, and some people are better at it than others.  The techniques for success can be learned, however, and cold calling can be introduced and developed as one part of sales training in Singapore

The First Point Of Contact

Instead of seeing cold calling as a disruptive and annoying process, sales people can be taught to see it as an opportunity to be the first point of contact to prospective customers and clients.  Most sales people will have a script that they will follow, but the important part of successful cold calling is the very personal element of developing a relationship with another person.  We can all relate to this in that we’re likely to remember a great sales person, even if we don’t remember what we bought.  The ability to see cold calling as an opportunity to develop a business relationship is one of the key features of successful cold callers.

Persistence Matters

The other thing to keep in mind is that cold calling will not work in every situation – there may be cases where only one in one hundred people called will respond to an offer or be interested in receiving more information.  This can be frustrating, but only if the cold caller is expecting a positive response every time they dial a number.  If you think of cold calling more like the experience of fishing, where you go out hoping for the best but understand that it’ll be rare to actually catch anything, then you’ve got the right kind of mindset for successful cold calling.  Plus, the more times you go fishing the more likely it will be that you do actually land that big fish (and just think how happy you’ll be!). Sales training in Singapore often teaches the importance of patience while mastering the art of cold calling.

Presenting A Real Opportunity

One of the reasons cold calling has a bad name is that people feel that the recipients will not want the product or service they are trying to sell.  A great way to get round this is to focus on the product or service and find the selling points that will really make a difference to prospective customers.  For example, if the service will beat competitor’s current pricing by a significant amount then this is a deal that customers should know about.  It is always easier to sell something if you genuinely believe in it.  This approach means that sales people must be very familiar with the company’s products and services, and be able to sell their benefits properly.  Again, this type of selling can be learned and developed in sales training in Singapore from experienced and professional companies such as Sales Blueprint®.