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Closeup of a business hand shake between two colleaguesNegotiations are an every day part of business today – from performance reviews and hiring practices, sales, contracts, right through to mergers and acquisitions – and successful negotiators are an invaluable member of any corporate team.  The skills and characteristics needed to become a highly effective negotiator include exceptional verbal and non-verbal communication, planning and flexibility.  These skills can be learnt and honed while enrolled in corporate training in Singapore.

Effective Styles Of Communication

At the heart of negotiations is communication – both verbal and non-verbal – and great negotiators tend to be great communicators.  There are simple, common sense rules about communication with others, including making and maintaining eye contact, clearly expressing a position, keeping a steady tone of voice.  Asking relevant questions can help immensely in a negotiation as you gain an understanding of the other party’s position and their requirements.

Most business experts suggest that there are a number of ways to approach a negotiation, with styles such as being passive, assertive or aggressive the most common forms of communication. Passive negotiators tend to adopt self-depreciating language and body language, and they generally enter a negotiation ready to be flexible and back down from their original standpoint.   Aggressive communicators can often get their own way simply by sticking to their guns and refusing to consider any compromises.  Assertive communicators will use clear and concise language, and will show that they’re willing to listen to the other party’s opinion.  They will be more measured in their language than the aggressive negotiator. 

Everyone tends to have a “default” style that they adopt during business discussions and in their everyday lives.  It has been found that assertive negotiators tend to make the best deals and are seen as the best communicators, and this is a style that can be learned, developed and practised while undertaking relevant corporate training in Singapore

Planning For Success

Another key attribute a great negotiators is that they always do their homework before entering a discussion.  If you think of it in terms of buying a house, you wouldn’t turn up to an open inspection one day and put an offer in without any prior planning or research about the property.  No doubt you would have inspected the house, had a surveyor through to make sure the house had no structural issues, researched prices in the area and for similar types of property.   A business negotiation is no different in that the more prepared you are the better your position will be.  You will understand when you may have to make compromises, or even when making a compromise might benefit you in the long run.  You will always have a fall back position and understand the amount of room you have to move when it comes to issues such as budgets, deadlines and objectives.

Tailored and relevant corporate training in Singapore from a company such as Sales Blueprint® can help you develop the attributes and characteristics of a great negotiator, but it’s also important that you to find ways to develop your own personal communication skills in business.