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Business people at meetingEveryone knows when they have worked under a great leader.  There are certain characteristics that sets them apart, that make them inspiring and easy to work for.  In sales leadership training in Singapore people are taught about ways to improve their leadership skills.  Let’s look at some of the traits that sets a good leader apart from a great leader.

  • Great leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity. They find was to act but also to dream.  Good leaders have ideas, while great leaders implement them. Their leadership vision is effective when it is understood, supported and acted upon, and they are often open to positive criticism. They embrace challenges and pursue them instead of giving up when difficulties arise.  
  • A great leader is self-aware.   They understand that it is naive to believe that they have all the answers, and it is dangerous to follow a course of action without counsel from different sources. A great leader has self control, zeal, self motivation empathy and social deftness.
  • A good leader can work well in a team, however a great leader will be the focus point for ideas, enthusiasm, inspiration and moral support. While good leaders have ideas, great leaders will implement them.
  • A great leader will also be a great recruiter.  They understand implicitly the benefits of hiring well the first time.  Their people are their greatest resource, and they listen to their ideas and encourage them – walking behind them not always in front.  
  • They always strive to encourage all employees, whether above or below them, to contribute and innovate.  They give their employees enough scope and freedom to be able to make their own decisions and, in some cases, even their own mistakes.   
  • They will work to positively bring out the leadership potential in others; leaders who operate from a place of intended altruism, hold the best intent for the team. This kind of leadership challenges the individual, hopefully to  a point where they can inspire employees to take on more on and more responsibilities and become leaders in the own right.
  • Great leaders will have a talent management strategy when thinking about good employees.  They will want to develop career paths and succession plans for key personnel. They will ask question such as:
    • Where does the employee see themselves in five years time and what is the best way to achieve these goals?
    • What is the employee’s perfect job description, and how does this differ from their responsibilities at the moment?
    • What ideas does the employee bring to the team?
    • Is the individual enthusiastic about the team and how could he improve on some of the ideas?
  • Knowledge of the business: A great leader knows how to cut through the fog and see the beginning and the end, and all the steps in between.  They have the insight to see the trees for the forest.

The majority of great leaders also have highly effective personalities and qualities such as ethics, honesty – in business and in their personal lives – kindness, strength but not aggressiveness, thoughtfulness, humorous without being sarcastic, and an ability to be flexible in difficult circumstances.  When you’re looking for sales leadership training in Singapore from companies such as Sales Blueprint®, focus on courses that teach about developing and enhancing existing personality traits such as these.