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Sales Training Tips

Getting Long Term Benefits From Team Bonding

Everyone today is looking for results, and especially in sales organisations and within sales teams, tangible revenue figures and margins can be the most important factor in a team’s success or failure. Having organised, motivated, energetic and even innovative teams can make all the difference to a company’s bottom line, and therefore building such groups should be on everyone’s priority list.

Building Effective Teams Through Team Bonding

It’s not always easy to bring a group of individuals together as an effective sales team. This is particularly the case when your employees tend to have high performing and ambitious personalities – for them, individual performance matters more than the success of the team. So with this in mind, how do you tailor activities designed to foster team bonding in Singapore?

Keeping Your Sales Team Motivated

Keeping any team motivated can be difficult during periods of challenge or change, but keeping a sales team motivated can mean the difference between generating and converting leads and meeting revenue expectations and recording a less than stellar performance. Finding relevant sales training institutes in Singapore

Tips To Cold Calling Success

Cold calling is often viewed with distain among sales people, however it can be a very valuable first step in the process of building leads and generating prospective customer interest. According to many sales experts, good cold calling – that is to say, successful cold calling – is really more of an art than a science, and some people are better at it than others.

A Guide to Picking the Right Team

Whether you are picking a new team for a project, enhancing an existing team or developing a team from scratch, picking the right people will help you to achieve your objectives. Sales training courses in Singapore can help provide you with these type of team building skills.

Picking the right team can mean looking at the following factors:

A Guide To Choosing The Right Sales Training

When it comes to choosing between sales training companies in Singapore, it pays to do a little research. Not only do you have to ensure that the training will meet your team’s specific needs and ways of learning, you should also find out as much as you can about training companies you are considering. There are so many different sales training options to choose from

5 Qualities Of Successful Sales People

What is it that sets a good salesman from a great one? Why is it that some sales people meet their targets year after year, even in times of economic troubles or downturns in consumer confidence? Experts in sales suggest that there are a number of quantifiable qualities and skills that all great sales people have. While they can participate in sales training and development in Singapore

Developing A Strong Sales Strategy

One of the most important aspects of developing a strong sales strategy is understanding the concept of building your sales funnel. When selling to customers it is critical for you sales strategy to take into account the various stages that your customer goes through within your buying process so that you can deliver the right message and value to the customer

Getting The Most Out Of Sales Training

Sales management training in Singapore for corporate teams can not only help them to become more efficient and effective at selling products and services, but also help them to bond as a group, focus on their objectives and stay motivated during challenging periods. As long as the course is targeted and well planned, the costs of training can

The Benefits To Investing In Corporate Training

According to surveys conducted this year, spending on corporate training has increased a massive 15%, making up a $130 billion industry worldwide and $70 billion in the United States alone. The amount of money spent on training has steadily increased from the lows during the global financial crisis in 2008 and 2009.

A General Guide to Presentation Skills

Singapore is one of the business capitals of Asia and the world, so for people who want to increase their customer base, having exceptional presentation skills in Singapore is a must. The Singapore business marketplace is very advanced and culturally diverse, so being able to succinctly and skillfully get your message across to your audience can be a challenge for people without experience.

The Importance Of Role Play In Sales Training

We’ve all had a bad experience in a store where either we’ve been totally ignored, or fobbed off with inferior or useless information or made to feel like we were bothering the sales person during their lunch hour. It is hardly surprisingly that the Internet is becoming more and more popular for consumers who want to purchase items without the hassle of having to deal with actual sales people.

What Sets A Good Leader Apart From A Great Leader?

Everyone knows when they have worked under a great leader. There are certain characteristics that sets them apart, that make them inspiring and easy to work for. In sales leadership training in Singapore people are taught about ways to improve their leadership skills. Let’s look at some of the traits that sets a good leader apart from a great leader.

Presentation Tips For Business

Singapore is an exciting and interesting place to do business, but if you’re going to stand up in front of clients or an audience, then having had some kind of presentation training is almost a requirement. Having had proper presentation training in Singapore is a key differentiator between successful presenters and those who struggle to make a significant impact with their audience.

Practical Ways To Deal With Difficult Customers

Anyone in a customer or client-facing role would no doubt have experienced dealing with a difficult customer. Maybe they were angry about a rise in cost of a product, or they wanted to complain about the level of delivery of a service, or maybe they were just having a bad day. Unfortunately being on the other end of an angry customer can be an occupational hazard

Getting The Most Out Of Sales Training

Sales management training in Singapore for corporate teams can not only help them to become more efficient and effective at selling products and services, but also help them to bond as a group, focus on their objectives and stay motivated during challenging periods. As long as the course is targeted and well planned

Successful Negotiation Strategies

Negotiations are an every day part of business today – from performance reviews and hiring practices, sales, contracts, right through to mergers and acquisitions – and successful negotiators are an invaluable member of any corporate team. The skills and characteristics needed to become a highly effective negotiator

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