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Public Sales Training Workshops

Sales Training Seminar SingaporeAt Sales Blueprint® you will discover the coaching and training your team needs to improve their practical skills and apply them to improve performance. We see weaknesses as opportunities to develop strengths.

Your Challenge

You may feel that your business has yet to reach its full potential as a result of weaknesses in your teams sales approach. Perhaps you believe that you have strong leaders, but they lack the coaching skills to elevate their team members to become champions.

The structure or size of your business might not allow for much needed highest level training, and this often leads to inconsistencies in the way each team member implements your sales strategy.

Of course you want to get the utmost value from each customer contact in order to maintain your sale cycle momentum – particularly when approaching your sales targets – but some of your sales team just don’t have the sophisticated deal making skills to close the sale.

Our Solution

At Sales Blueprint® we help you realise the full potential of your sales teams by focusing on behavioural changes that will create value. We specialise in customised training programs based on the many different influences on, and stakeholders in, your business.

Your structure, your sales professionals, and even your unique value proposition, all come into play when determining what approach is best for your needs.

We tailor training programs that can be applied and implemented where needed – to hone skills and to shape champions. We look at your resources and uncover talent, while building training solutions based on your needs.

Sales Blueprint® delivers your program in a way that works for you. Whether you are interested in corporate on-site training, customised training to meet specific needs, or want to participate in open workshops, we offer training methods that will not only improve performance, but sustain improved performance for continued growth.

Upon completion, your sales professionals will be equipped to handle business presentations and negotiations with skill and finesse. At Sales Blueprint® we don’t just train our clients, we change their behaviour and perspective.

If you would like to get the schedule of our public sales programs, please contact Sales Blueprint® on +65 9821 7399 or fill in the contact form for more information.

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