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High Touch Strategic Selling™

strategic-selling-working-singaporeIn compiling the Sales Blueprint® programs, we are all too aware that high value transactions often have a long sales cycle, with different decision makers at different stages of that cycle. And we also know that the sales process can be a challenging one – particularly for those with project oversight.

In a competitive business environment, finding an overall ‘edge’ can be a challenge, but developing a cohesive team that can implement often complex strategies takes foresight and superior training.

Having a team of sales professionals who can interact with each other, as well as with a range of different stakeholders, can be the difference between being awarded a project, completing it seamlessly, developing a long term business relationship – or not.

Your Challenge

At Sales Blueprint®, we know how important it is for your sales team to connect with the right cycle of influence and decision-makers, and to know how to effectively communicate with them. Your sales team members must know your unique value proposition, and have the skills to communicate it effectively, to the right audience, at the right stage in the buying cycle.

When multi-million dollar contracts are at stake, you need to know how your prospects will evaluate your proposal against your competitors. By learning and interpreting their key objectives, and tailoring each engagement opportunity to that knowledge, you have the ability create a valuable point of difference each time.

Our Solution

Through our High Touch Strategic Selling™ course, your company’s sales professionals will be put through some rigorous paces. They will learn how to chart each client’s decision-making process to ensure they engage with the right people at each step.

We teach them the psychology of how those clients arrive at their decisions, what criteria they use, and how to use that criteria to deliver better outcomes.

Importantly, they will learn how to identify the pitfalls that can stall decisions at critical periods, and how to skilfully resolve concerns in a way that progresses the project to a satisfactory close.

The High Touch Strategic Selling™ course includes high-stakes business simulation with the real deal, role plays and hands-on exercises. Our coaches teach strategies to embed the course learnings in a way that develops skills that are repeatable and life-long.

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