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High Touch Skill Coaching™

sales-coaching-singaporeEvery company faces challenges when trying to develop a robust sales team capable of continued strategic thinking and results-driven performance. With our High Touch Skill Coaching™ program we focus on offering the support systems you need to train more team champions – the men and women who are vital to you achieving your business goals.

Your Challenge

In your role as a company, business, marketing or HR leader, you know the importance of developing programs that will improve the performance of your sales teams. However, you cannot do this without the right tools, tools designed to focus on today’s business environment.

The delivery of high level skill coaching allows you to groom strong performers, and to do this successfully, you need to have evaluation programs in place to identify areas of improvement, strengths and weaknesses. Without strategic evaluations, you cannot know where your efforts should be focused, and where improvements have been achieved.

It’s also likely that you are time-poor, which impedes your ability to boost your own efficiency and, as a result, meet your team’s needs. When those needs are not met, neither you or your team will thrive and the result is often the failure to meet targets.

Our Solution

Sales Blueprint® can help you streamline your coaching responsibilities through our High Touch Skill Coaching™ course.

We will show you how to evaluate, and then coach, sales professionals – with a focus on building on their strengths in order to overcome weaknesses.

We uses effective Behaviour Analysis to model your coaching programs, giving you the ability to measure skills and provide targeted coaching to strengthen performance for each individual sales professional.

This results in team strengthening through individualised assessments that focus on creating the same skills and performance goals for each team member.

Our High Touch Skill Coaching™ course will give you the knowledge, techniques and tools needed to:

  • Create the time and acquire the knowledge to help you build champions.
  • Develop a continuous cycle of diagnosing performance problems in order to change attitudes and increase knowledge using persuasive coaching.
  • Guide team members on a mutually agreed plan of action focussed on their behaviours
  • Help each team member reach their full potential in line with your company’s policies and goals
  • Meet targets while following your company’s overall strategic plan

The results? You are nurturing a team comprised of inspired and well-trained champions who are focussed on both personal and corporate success.

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