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High Touch Selling Skills™

sales-training-singaporeAt Sales Blueprint® we know that in order to be an effective sales professional, you first need to understand your clients’ definition of ‘value’. You can build on that value to assist buyers in their decision-making, and, in turn, help your own organisation meet its key objectives.

To do this successfully, you not only need to understand, align and implement your own selling strategy, but also recognise the strategies that are driving your clients and prospects. Our High Touch Selling Skills™ course provides your sales teams with much needed insight into what drives decision-making. They will learn how to quickly identify selling opportunities which will grow their sales per customer rate, increase new business conversions, and, in turn, grow your business.

Your Challenge

The sales professionals in your organisation understand that they need to make sales if they are to succeed, but most do not understand the importance of  ‘value’  to the sales  conversation.

Your team members may have great skills in presenting the features of your products or services, but have yet to master the art of listening and differentiating needs in complex sales. They may have learned their sales techniques some time ago, and still believe that talking is the only way to communicate with their prospects.

Importantly, they may not know how to clearly articulate your unique value proposition.

You need to demonstrate to them how each client or prospect has a different concept of ‘value’, and that understanding those differences will positively impact their success rate. Provide them the training and tools to engage with their clients based on that knowledge, and the results will be real and measurable.

Our Solution

At Sales Blueprint® we will help your sales professionals to understand the psychology behind selling. They will learn how to use this psychology to identify the needs of your customers. We will teach them how to ask the right questions, listen to the answers, and interpret those answers to reveal their real needs and their ‘pain points’: exactly what they believe to be valuable.

Your sales professionals will be shown how to use psychology to enhance their skills of persuasion in order to obtain a commitment. They will understand from where objections might stem, and learn how to prevent rather than handling objections in order to close the sale.

Selling skills take tactical techniques to the next level and allow sales professionals to anticipate your client’s needs in order to overcome objections and focus on solving problems. When you are ready to learn more about the art of truly engaging clients contact us on +65 9821 7399 or fill in the contact form for more information.


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