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High Touch Presentation Skills™

presentation-skills-training-singaporeOur High Touch Presentation Skills™ program provides each member of your sales team with the skills they need to create and deliver powerful, persuasive, and professional presentations. They will learn to both engage their audience, and to identify and relate to their pain points – and deliver the solutions that are unique to your company, and, win the deal.

Your Challenge

The members of your sales team are professional, they know your products or services, and your company culture. They speak with confidence.

But often what they don’t understand is what resonates with the buyers is often not what they say, but the way that they say it. Their presentations may be based on your products alone. They likely lack a clear business case, one that demonstrates why yours is the only solution to solve the prospects’ problems, improve their bottom line, or meet their demands.

Worse still, your sales team may be using the same presentations time and time again, without considering the individual client.

Our Solution

At Sales Blueprint® we will provide your sales professionals with the skills they need to plan and prepare superior presentations.

Our program covers:

  • How they can tailor their presentations with specific solutions directed to their clients and peers – in tone and content
  • The importance of preparing clearly-defined business solutions – solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer
  • How to outshine the competition by being customer-centric – instead of pitching the same product and service feature/benefits as your competitors
  • How to make key notes designed to address the pain points that are specific to each client
  • How to structure a presentation that takes those main points and then elaborate effectively – to keep people engaged
  • How to persuade, support claims, and remain memorable with stimulating, relevant insight delivery

Sales Blueprint®’s High Touch Presentation Skills™ program will provide professional presentation skills to enhance each of your sales professionals; powers of persuasion. Contact us on +65 9821 7399 or fill in the contact form for more information.

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