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High Touch Negotiation Skills™

negotiations-skills-training-singaporeAs a sales leader, marketing or HR professional, you know the sales process in increasingly competitive markets cannot be successfully completed without finely-honed deal making skills.

You recognise that your prospects’ professional buyers work hard to ensure they pay less and get more. Future-focussed sales teams need to be able to negotiate with the insights and tools to go nose-to-nose with buying professionals – without losing integrity or risking the loss of a sale.

Your Challenge

The transactions in which your teams are involved are often impacted by many variables. This leaves usual strategies exposed – and subject to the aggressive tactics of buying professionals at negotiations time.

High level deal making is comprised of many factors, and by not understanding how each factor affects the potential outcome of a sale, your sales team can be left at the mercy of a strong client negotiator whose focus is saving money. Your team may have difficulty avoiding concessions that can jeopardise major sales, or impact your profit margins.

Our Solution

At Sales Blueprint® we know the behaviours that good negotiators exhibit and can equip your sales team with proven insights that will allow them to go toe-to-toe with the professional negotiators used by big business. We will show them how to use tact and, above all else, a keen understanding of Verbal Behavioural Analysis to give them a real edge in deal making.

Through our High Touch Negotiation Skills™ program, your sales professionals will learn and master a priceless skill: that of being able to measure the things that people say, in order to better identify vulnerabilities that can be use to their advantage.

It allows them to become expert problem-solvers who offer solutions instead of concessions. They will learn to keep the focus on why buyers need your product or service, instead of bending to pressure on pricing.

In order to better foresee potential issues that can lead to deal making failure, Sales Blueprint®’s High Touch Negotiation Skills™ course will prepare your sales professionals to:

  • Understand the importance of developing a strategy, and following it through
  • Learn how to be properly prepared to meet enter into discussions with professional buyers in order to avoid concessions
  • Absorb, and use Verbal Behavioural Analysis, as second nature
  • Maintain control of meetings
  • Create and foster long term relationships

Through our High Touch Negotiation Skills™ course, we offer you the opportunity to provide your sales professionals with the deal making skills they need to avoid concessions and successfully complete the buying process.

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