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Sales Training Solutions

At Sales Blueprint® we offer solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of Sales Leaders, Marketing and HR professionals. Sales teams, and their leaders, need inspired and engaging learning opportunities in order to thrive, and to prepare them to build strong, long lasting relationships with your clients’  different levels of decision makers.

We have the demonstrated expertise to offer world-class training that is designed to meet your specific business needs and prepare your sales professionals to build sustainable long term relationships.

Our solutions-based courses have been designed to focus on the specific growth and learning needs of individuals, to identify and overcome their weaknesses and build upon their strengths. Through the Sales Blueprint® High Touch™ courses, you are being presented with the opportunity to help take your sales team to a whole new level – and improve the profitability of your company in the process.

Sales Blueprint® courses give your team the tools needed to build on their existing knowledge, using behavioural science to identify prospects’ needs and intuitively anticipate what is needed to advance and close sales.

Sales leaders will learn how to align goals and corporate expectations in order to meet your buyer’s needs. This results in a better customer experience at every stage of the sales cycle, and measurable improved results.

Our sophisticated programs are highly effective in delivering the training materials that are ideal to groom sales professionals to intuitively anticipate buyers negotiation strategies. Sales leaders can choose from multiple solutions including:

Each is designed to be stimulating and engaging, with materials they can use to interact successfully with buying professionals. We can tailor any of these courses specifically to your company’s needs, or include individual sales professionals in one of our public courses – the choice is yours.

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