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Speaker at Seminar Giving SpeechSingapore is an exciting and interesting place to do business, but if you’re going to stand up in front of clients or an audience, then having had some kind of presentation training is almost a requirement.  Having had proper presentation training in Singapore is a key differentiator between successful presenters and those who struggle to make a significant impact with their audience.  To have a maximum lasting impact with your target market when giving a presentation, you need to focus on these four delivery techniques.

First impressions matter, so it is vital that your opening be more than just a slow paced introduction.  You only have a few short minutes to grab your audience’s attention, so make sure that you come out of the gate with something that they can relate to and that makes them want to follow along with you.  The best way to do this is to understand the major problem the people watching you have or you ask the question that they themselves have.  This is often referred to as entering the conversation that your audience is already having in their own mind and is a solid way of leading off your presentation.

Once you’ve got them engaged with your opening, you need to establish your credibility.  Why should they believe you?  Give them examples of why you are the person they need to listen to or offer them up testimonials from people who you’ve helped with a similar problem.  You need to remove any doubt from the audience’s when it comes to your credibility and experience so that when it comes time for them to take the next step, they’re confident in your ability to deliver their desired outcome.

One major problem that most presenters have is that they don’t simplify their information enough for the audience.  It is not uncommon to be called on to deliver complex concepts and ideas, but the best presenters are able to break those things down into simple, digestible things that the audience can understand and resolve.  Most presenters lose their audience at this point by getting bogged down in dense details, so keep things short, quick paced and simple.

Finally, in presentation training in Singapore you’ll probably want to learn how to get your audience to actually do something at the end of your presentation.  This is your “call to action” stage.  It is surprising how many people simply forget to tell the audience what they want them to do next.  The old adage holds true, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”, so it is imperative that you take the time to give the people listening and watching your presentation directions on how to take the next step with you.

These are just some basic tips to delivering great presentations, but really this is only the tip of the iceberg.  If you’d like to go deeper and are looking for presentation training in Singapore, then Sales Blueprint® is available to help you.  Their high touch presentation skills training helps you build rapport with your audience and make meaningful connections.  They specialise in helping people learn how to deliver impactful and effective presentations.