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Free 1-Day Interactive Sales Training Workshop


“How To Double Your Sales Teams Performance And Revenue By Adopting The Sales Strategies Used By
Giants like Microsoft And Citibank”


At the FREE ‘New Rules Of Selling’ workshop you’ll discover the same system that
giants like Microsoft and Citibank use to help their sales teams consistently increase
, and decimate revenue goals ahead of time



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Do you have sales people in your team who has been guilty of: 

  • Failing to meet sales targets?
  • Struggling to overcome objections?
  • Selling based on price instead of value?
  • Oblivious when prospects are lying to them?
  • Spending too much time with prospects who never buy?
  • Talking too much but not asking the right questions?
  • Struggling to maintain long-term client relationships?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then I want you to realise something: You are not alone. Most sales leaders feel the same way. Usually it’s the under performing salespeople that cost more than lost sales. You spend so much time managing these few sales people, that you neglect the rest of your team. Soon, even your top performers start to plateau. When your sales team fails to meet revenue goals and targets, you feel the pressure. As the sales manager or director, it can be frustrating knowing that you’ll be held responsible for missing your monthly target (yet again), however you feel your hands are tied.


This Strategy Turns Average Sales
Professionals Into Top Performers

During the past 10 years, I’ve coached thousands of salespeople and sales directors on sales effectiveness and performance.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed about underachieving salespeople. This one thing is THE difference between top performers and underachievers:

Underachievers dont follow a winning sales formula.

They rely on unreliable traits like personality and charisma in meetings… and any good salesman will tell you that these alone CANNOT be relied upon for consistent sales success.

Even worse, many under-performers still follow the same old sales techniques from when they started their career. These no longer work in today’s intensely competitive digital age.

The simple truth is without a winning sales system to follow, your sales team will never bring in consistent sales revenue. Without an effective sales system that is easily replicable for your entire team, your team will always struggle to meet targets consistently.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Now you can discover a highly-effective and sales system that’s easily replicable and gets consistent results. Most importantly, this system can be used by both new and veteran sales professionals.

This is the very same formula professionals at leading organisations such as Siemens, Draeger, Visa, Oracle, HP, Microsoft, Citibank and Singtel have been using to create high performing sales teams and record breaking profits.

If you’re ready to maximise the effectiveness of your sales team, increase your profits and performance, then go ahead and register your complimentary seat at…




“The New Rules Of Selling”

Free 1-Day Interactive Sales Training Workshop


The New Rules Of Selling is a FREE one-day sales training workshop for sales leaders, sales managers and directors who want to learn how to empower their sales team to:

  • Consistently achieve sales targets
  • Improve sales performance
  • Win bigger deals and clients
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Sell with integrity and without manipulation
  • Fast forward the buyers decision making process
  • Ask the right questions at the right time
  • Uncover a prospects hidden wants and needs

If you’re looking to improve your sales teams performance, and consistently win bigger deals and achieve sales targets every month, then book your free seat at the ‘New Rules Of Selling’ today.

What Makes This Free Workshop
Different Than Other Sales Programs?


You won’t be sitting passively in a room while some presenter bores you to sleep with mind-numbing powerpoint slides.

You won’t be learning theories that would never work in the ‘real world’. You won’t be learning the ‘hard-sell’ pressure techniques for manipulating people either.

Instead you’ll be able to use the information you learn in the workshop that same day!

Here are just 5 reasons why the ‘New Rules Of Selling’ is unlike any other sales training program you’ve encountered before.


  • Personalised, highly interactive training designed to empower your team to increase their sales effectiveness.
  • Group exercises with sales simulation role-playing to help you pinpoint any missing pieces in your sales process.
  • A powerful 5-minute exercise that uncovers your ‘natural persuasion style’ and how to use this to strengthen your sales skills.
  • Our techniques are based on behavioural science and not theories or outdated selling practises.
  • Globally recognised companies like Microsoft, Citibank, Siemens, Visa and Oracle have been trained by our expert sales coaches.

What Previous Attendees Are Saying

“BP Blew Away All My Preconceived Notions of What Selling is All About.”

“I have not for a long time had the privilege of recommending someone so unhesitatingly as I would do BP. Our initial interaction was some years ago when BP conducted a sales training for our team. Having already had some years of experience in the field, I was, admittedly circumspect as to the value addition that BP would bring to our team. I am happy to place on record that BP blew away all my preconceived notions of what selling is all about. His deep knowledge , his scientific approach and more than anything , the evangelical zeal that BP brings to the profession of Sales Performance Training, singles him out as one of the best practitioners of the art.
Over the years our team has been through various levels of Sales Performance Improvement, some conducted by BP and he has been to the team a mentor and a guide .Our team has a deep admiration for his ability to coach, to deconstruct a sales call and carry the training through in a way acceptable to a cross cultural set of individuals. The results , moreover are tangible and an investment in a training by BP to my mind will yield a very high rate of return.
In conclusion, I have the greatest pleasure in recommending him to any organisation interested in developing the Sales team (except my competitors!)”

Peter Salazar

Head of Phama Chemical Solutions, Merck Millipore

“We Understand The Power of Questioning Skills… To Engage The Clients Effectively”

“I had a prejudice against ‘Sales Training Course’ that it is boring before I met B.P. on May 2013. He taught a customised program to our North Asia sales team. During & after the class, all of us agreed that he has a special talent in delivering difficult concepts in easy and simple ways. Because of his special sense of humour, we lost track of time. We, Korea sales team, are now using common sales language after the class. We understand the power of questioning skills and apply the value creation principles to engage the clients effectively.

I HIGHLY recommend him to Korean customers. His English is also easy to be understood.”

Watch Video Here

Jinwoong Kim

General Manager, Akamai Technologies

“Street Smart, Experienced…Very Practical, Highly Committed To Everyone In The Room”

“I did a sales training led by B.P.. Can recommend B.P. unconditionally. Very high energy, street smart, and experienced. Not one of these trainers who just reads from the manual but very practical, excited by the concepts and highly committed to everyone in the room. B.P. is the real deal!”

Ben Hopkins

Managing Director, Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals Thailand

“Highly Professional Trainer For Business Consultant And Selling Skill Strength”

“B.P. is a highly professional trainer for business consultant and selling skill strength. The way he teaches is making a difficult concept easy to understand. He uses interesting and innovative methods in the class. I’ve enjoyed the training very much. My learning from his class is not only in selling skills but also spiritual inspiration. I would like to recommend B.P. and endorse his professional skill.”

Tina Chen

Business Unit Manager, C.R.Bard

“I Highly Recommend Him To Company’s Looking For A Training Provider”

“Mr. B.P. Lim is highly skilful in delivering training courses. He has strong ability to ensure high level of understanding of participants. His sessions are demanding and yet fulfilling for the participants. He never fall short in sharing; that says much of his personal values in giving and sharing. I highly recommend him to company’s, industries that is looking for a training provider that is practical and realistic with a justifiable costing. One of the very few trainers that impresses me.”

Saravanan Packirisamy

Senior Manager, Commercial Effectiveness, South East Asia., Baxter Healthcare

What Will You Learn At The New Rules Of Selling?

During this FREE one-day workshop you’ll discover:

  • A powerful sales system that turns your sales process into a predictable path that is easily manageable, measurable, and replicable for your entire sales team
  • 3 persuasion techniques that work in complex sales environments resulting in …
  • How to ask the right questions during sales meetings & instantly increase your effectiveness at closing the deal
  • How to maximise sales by building strategic relationships with your buyers
  • Strategy to uncovering your buyers pain points and positioning your product as the solution to those pain points
  • The 4 stages of running high-value sales meetings & why “needs discovery” is paramount to sales success
  • How to uncover your natural persuasion style in less than 5 minutes with a simple group exercise
  • How to position yourself in front of decision makers who have the need to buy your product AND the authority to make a decision
  • How to continuously fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads and prospects using a new approach used by fortune 500 companies
  • Replace cold-calling with empirical prospecting strategies to effectively target each segment of your market
  • How to identify pricing issues and how to easily overcome them
  • Eliminate the most common sales mistakes and start to routinely sell more and at greater margins
  • How to identify buyer needs and tailor high-impact solutions to those needs for maximised value
  • Gain insights into why people buy & discover how to turn prospects into qualified leads and sales
  • How to understand your prospects unique business and culture … and use these insights to easily win their business
  • How to fast-forward the sale cycle with effective Call Objectives
  • Discover the most common mistakes when closing a meeting and strategies on how to avoid them
  • How to overcome and even prevent pricing objections and close more sales
  • Social media strategies a sales professional can use to generate more sales leads and build authority
  • How to use social media to help you execute high tech selling

Who Is Your Sales Trainer B.P. Lim?

B.P. Lim is the founder and managing director of Sales Blueprint®, Singapore’s leading sales performance training and consulting agency that empowers sales professionals globally.

B.P. Lim possesses close to 20 years’ experience working in multiple senior positions as a top sales trainer, facilitator and training director for companies like Federal Express and Huthwaite Inc, a world class sales consulting firm.

In the last 10 years, B.P. has trained thousands of sales leaders and sales professionals to greater sales effectiveness and performance through his highly interactive and engaging training workshops, held in Asia Pacific, India, Middle East, Africa, North America and Europe.

Companies we have trained include sales executives from globally recognised corporations such as: Siemens, Draeger, Visa, Oracle, HP, Microsoft, Citibank and Singtel.

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Unlike so many other sales trainers who read from a manual or boring powerpoint slides, B.P’s training workshops are uniquely different.

Full of highly-interactive and engaging training, coupled with group exercises and demonstrations, attendees are always highly engaged and energised.

At the end of ‘New Rules Of Selling’ you’ll walk away with a complete understanding of how to create high-performing sales teams that consistently achieves sales targets and wins bigger deals.


“Strong Knowledge And Experience In Sales Training… A Very Passionate Trainer And Master Indeed.”

“B.P. has very strong knowledge and experience in sales training and sales structure re-organisation. I was fortunate to be involved in a few of the trainings that B.P. has conducted for my team and benefited greatly from the learning. With the strong background and certification that he has acquired over the years, I am sure B.P. will value add significantly to any organisation that he choose to work in. A very passionate trainer and master indeed.”

Ee Hsin Tan

General Manager, Emerson Industrial Automation

I Have Never Seen A Trainer Who Delivers Training So Enthusiastically

“I know B.P. when he delivers his professional sale training. Only 1 day training, but show his capability, his professionalism, his deep knowledge and his experience. I have never seen trainer who delivers training so enthusiastically like him. Serious but fun, make us easy to understand the training material. Well done. No doubt, I would like to recommend him to be your trainer.”

Rianto Rianto

Independent IT Consultant

Who Should Attend This Free Training Workshop?


The ‘New Rules Of Selling’ is for sales directors and managers who want to lead their salespeople to higher performance and consistent sales revenue.

Only register for this free training workshop if you want to learn:

  • How to lead your sales team to peak performance
  • How to consistently achieve sales targets
  • How to win bigger deals and clients
  • How to fast forward client decision making
  • How to ask the right questions
  • How to win deals based on value instead of ‘price’

After attending the ‘New Rules Of Selling’, you’ll have the tools and techniques to lead your sales team to higher performance and profits.

Your underachieving salespeople will finally ‘speak your clients language’ and begin connecting with them on a deeper level allowing them to build trust and win deals faster and easier than ever before.

Due to the highly personalised training that B.P. provides in his workshops, our seating for the ‘New Rules Of Selling’ is very limited.

If you’re ready to be the leader that will take your team to the next level, then this is your rare opportunity to learn the same strategies giants like Microsoft and other world-class companies use to strengthen and up-skill their sales teams performance and achieve revenue targets ahead of time.

It’s time to make a decision!

Register your FREE seat at the NEW RULES OF SELLING Workshop now while seats are still available!