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successo professionaleKeeping any team motivated can be difficult during periods of challenge or change, but keeping a sales team motivated can mean the difference between generating and converting leads and meeting revenue expectations and recording a less than stellar performance. Finding relevant sales training institutes in Singapore to develop your sales team can be one great way to keep them motivated and inspired to bigger and better things in the future.

Tell Them About The Strategy

Nobody likes to be kept in the dark when it comes to the strategic direction of a company or organisation.  Your sales team (and your employees in general) should be given information relating to the where the company sees itself in one, five and ten years.  This will help them see how important their role is in the company’s success. It will also help them to align themselves with the company’s goals.  For example, if the goal of the company is to become the number one customer service organisation in its industry, your sales team will need to be at the forefront of this push.

Set Team And Individual Goals

Team goals can be motivating, especially if there are actual rewards as well as kudos if they are achieved.  Individual goals, however, are also important to keep employees focused on personal challenges and development.  As an example, if the sales team is very good at providing solutions for clients, but an individual employee wants to take on more of a leadership role within the group, then practical, measurable and achievable goals for the individual should be set – perhaps as part of a performance review process.  In this case it would also be important to find sales training institutes in Singapore that can provide both team and individual coaching for employees.

Dealing With Poor Performance

No team can remain fully motivated if there are individuals who exhibit poor behaviour, are constantly negative or the centre of dramas.  It is rare that all teams work together perfectly all of the time – a little friction or personal issues should be expected.  However it becomes more of a problem when it starts to affect overall team performance. The key is to demonstrate “active management”; that is, not allowing issues to fester for any period of time.  Tackling poor performance head on is the best way to ensure that it is dealt with quickly and effectively, as well as showing the rest of the team that you can resolve any challenges and are there to ensure that the team is functioning properly. 

As a manager, dealing with poor performance can mean tweaking the way the team works, or it can mean taking drastic action such as removing underperforming or difficult employees.  If you’re looking for sales training institutes in Singapore, make sure you find ones such as Sales Blueprint® that can also provide you with courses on problem resolution and dealing with difficult people.  Everyone should get a refresher course on management issues occasionally, especially if you want a fully effective and motivated sales team, so contact Sales Blueprint® today to find out they can help you.