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diagramsWe’ve all had a bad experience in a store where either we’ve been totally ignored, or fobbed off with inferior or useless information or made to feel like we were bothering the sales person during their lunch hour.  It is hardly surprisingly that the Internet is becoming more and more popular for consumers who want to purchase items without the hassle of having to deal with actual sales people.  But poor customer service does not have to be the norm; in fact sales trainers in Singapore believe that strategies such as roles plays can be a particularly effective tool in helping staff develop highly successful customer service skills.

Reinforcing Successful Behaviours

One way that a sales trainer in Singapore might reinforce great sales techniques is to get participants to act in a spontaneous role play (having spontaneous role plays can sometimes be better than a rehearsed or pre-planned activity as people are more likely to have to think and act quickly and stay on their toes). 

Depending on the type of sales strategy they want to focus on, sales trainers can get participants to act out certain “vignettes” – for example, having to deal with an angry customer in store, or solving a particular issue for a client.  Highly experienced and professional sales trainers such as those at Sales Blueprint® will be able to provide positive feedback during and after the performance, and highlight relevant lessons to be learnt from the outcome.   

This way of “trying out” different sales strategies or even different ways of approaching a customer can be very beneficial for new sales staff as well as experienced employees.  Just as a singer would practise their routine many times before going on stage, staff should also be given the opportunity to practise as much as possible, especially if they are in sales or negotiation roles where they have to deal with frustrated or angry customers.

Getting Positive Group Feedback

Another benefit of role-play for a sales trainer in Singapore is the ability to get a group of employees working together during a session.  Having employees participate during the role-play, asking their opinions during or discussing the outcomes afterward can be a great team bonding experience for staff as well as giving them positive feedback from their peers.  The key to making this type of role play work is to ensure that the group feedback in constructive. For example, rather than asking for direct critiques of the employee’s performance, trainers can ask participants to think about other ways that the customer could have been approached or perhaps even to share occasions where they have experienced something similar.

As the leading sales training provider in Singapore, Sales Blueprint® can provide tailored, high quality solutions for your organisation through roles plays and exercises, case studies and experiential learning.  They use customised strategies, leading research and high tech tools to help develop and empower sales staff and give you the edge in a competitive market.  Contact them today to find out how they can help you!