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Group of Architects Working on a New ProjectWhether you are picking a new team for a project, enhancing an existing team or developing a team from scratch, picking the right people will help you to achieve your objectives.  Sales training courses in Singapore can help provide you with these type of team building skills.

Picking the right team can mean looking at the following factors:

  • Make sure the right person is the right one for the job. There is no point in hiring someone with an impressive record if they don’t gel with the other team members. Are you evaluating the right things within an overall talent management strategy or are you just looking for the most skilled person?
  • Ensure that the person understands how to apply his or her skills in the most productive and efficient manner.  It is also important that they are producing at the highest level possible in a manner consistent with the values, beliefs and principles of the organization while achieving self-fulfilment.
  • Once you have the person for the job, you want to make sure they actually have time to do it. If your team does not have time to focus on what they are doing, they can have all the passion and ability in the world, but they still are not going to do a very good job.
  • Remember that you want to team members who feel comfortable enough with each other to speak the truth and occasionally throw out hare-brained ideas because there is an environment of trust and respect.
  • Keep the passion alive! The team could gel to the point where they run out of challenges and start to lose interest in what they are doing. If you have a well-oiled machine of team members that has accomplished a task, move the entire team onto some other project. This provides the advantage of giving the team with new challenges, while at the same time the new project has a head start by placing a well performing team on the job from the beginning.    
  • Grant full responsibility and authority to the team leader. You want a leader with broad networks, and good internal influence. These people are known as connector types in sales training courses in Singapore, and they know how to get things done and where to find internal resources when your project hits a rough ride. Choose individuals who are mature enough to lay aside personal desires in favour of what is best for the team.
  • Create role clarity: Overlapping roles can create conflict. Clearly defined responsibilities, tasks and goals discussed and agreed upon before hiring someone new.
  • Professionalism and experience is important when considering a candidate, but they don’t always give you the whole picture. Know what you want.  Be transparent about the job. Talking about the position is also an excellent opportunity to find out if the candidate is enterprising enough to contribute meaningful ideas. Not only can you get some fresh ideas to solve ongoing business issues, but the candidate also shows they have the ability to influence the company’s direction.
  • Let the candidate do the talking. You can learn a lot more about their personality, unique character traits, hobbies and interests and their professionalism.  

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