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Two Businessmen Discussing Document Outside OfficeOne of the most important aspects of developing a strong sales strategy is understanding the concept of building your sales funnel.  When selling to customers it is critical for you sales strategy to take into account the various stages that your customer goes through within your buying process so that you can deliver the right message and value to the customer to help move them towards the sale.

At the top of your funnel, this is where your leads come in, so your sales strategy needs to start with a good lead generation model.  Not everyone who comes in contact with you will end up buying or becoming a client, so to maximise your rates of success, it is critical to have a consistent and ample supply of reasonably well qualified leads.  Having a strong ongoing supply of leads will help flatten out a lumpy sales cycle and allow you to better project your potential sales revenue.

Once leads enter the top of your funnel they will begin going through your sales process which will possibly include nurturing the lead and ensuring that they have the necessary information at the appropriate time to either move them towards a sale or remove them from your sales cycle entirely.  It is important to realise that selling takes effort (which ultimately costs money) and so focusing on properly nurturing the interested leads and disqualifying the leads that are unlikely to convert into sales is a valuable part of your sales strategy.

A key part of the sales strategy must also be highlighting benefits and overcoming objections.  People buy things because they think they will be better off having whatever you’re selling, so your funnel process must take that into account.  As your lead gets closer to your offer, if you can proactively highlight how what you offer will benefit the buyer this will make closing the sale easier.  It is important to focus on benefits rather than features, for example if you’re selling a Hybrid Vehicle, saving money on petrol is a benefit whereas the km/L of fuel usage is a feature – people buy benefits.

As you go through the sales process more and more, you’ll also start to find that most customers tend to talk about the same impediments to buying.  An important part of your sales strategy will be to proactively highlight the objections to your prospective customer and immediately tell them how what you’re offering overcomes the problem.  If you can remove doubt from the client’s mind while also clearly demonstrating how they will be better off, then the sale will be much easier.

Finally, all good sales strategies and funnels have a strong offer.  The point of the funnel is to draw interested buyers towards your offer and as they progress through the funnel, help get them to a place where when presented with the offer, their buying decision is much easier for them to make.  Your offer must be congruent with your sales strategy and reinforce the notion that what you’re offering is worth far more than the money you are asking for your product or service.

The key to a good sales strategy is to having a well-defined process (a funnel) with consistent lead flow so that as a salesperson you can focus on helping the customer make the right decision for them in a timely fashion.  Getting effective sales strategy training from a company such as Sales Blueprint® will help your staff to put pieces in place and refine them over time and with experience.