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business people group at officeIt’s not always easy to bring a group of individuals together as an effective sales team.  This is particularly the case when your employees tend to have high performing and ambitious personalities – for them, individual performance matters more than the success of the team.  So with this in mind, how do you tailor activities designed to foster team bonding in Singapore?  The key is to find exercises that are planned and tailored towards your team members – their strengths and weakness – and will help provide them with a shared sense of purpose.

Team bonding in Singapore from professional training organisations such as Sales Blueprint® can help create more effective sales teams in the following ways:

  • Creating a definable and recognisable group:  if you think about what makes up a “team”, it’s generally a group of people who have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.  There will also be some form of hierarchy, with senior people helping and mentoring the more junior team members.  They will also have a clear purpose and goals in mind. A good test of whether a group of employees sees themselves as part of an effective team is to ask them where they work:  if their first response is to tell you their company name, rather than the name of their division or department, then you know that they don’t necessarily identify with that team.  Many teams in business exist loosely without having such defined parameters; however the really successful ones spend time developing these attributes.
  • Improved communication:  as mentioned above, the majority of effective teams have a clearly defined hierarchy in which members understand whose orders they should be following and who they need to delegate to.  In the event of an issue, they know exactly who to talk to, or who to turn to for general advice.  There is probably also a clear leader within the group.  Open and clear lines of communication are critical to the successful running of a group of people.  Team bonding in Singapore can work on defining such roles and helping to improve overall communication.
  • Understanding each team member’s working styles:  everyone has a different way of working individually and within a team setting. Some people are natural leaders and provide much of the strategic direction of the group, while others are more “doers” who will work away in the background and get things done.  In between this range is a vast spectrum of working styles.  Occasionally different ways of working can be the cause of tension within a group, and it is also worth noting that people’s natural style of working can become exaggerated and amplified during times of crisis or under strict deadlines.  Team bonding in Singapore that focuses on examining team members’ different styles of working can be very useful to learning how to accept each other and work together better, avoiding future disruptions and conflict.

If you are looking for activities that focus on team bonding in Singapore, find a company such as Sales Blueprint® who are experienced in training and developing sales teams into highly effective units.  Their professional instructors customise training content and outcomes to ensure that participants reach their potential individually as well as contribute more meaningfully within their team.