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About Us

sales blueprint sales training workshopSales Blueprint® is a Singapore-based sales training organisation with a clear focus on providing superior high-level training to sales professionals, all around the world. We are the Creator of Sales Blueprint®, a Silega (Simulation learning games) Authorised Global Partner, an Accredited and Certified Partner for The TAS (Target Account Selling) Group, and our organisation is led by internationally acclaimed sales psychology and training expert, BP Lim.

Our strategies are psychology-based, and cutting-edge. They encompass proven techniques that are being used right now by today’s upper echelon of sales performers.

At Sales Blueprint® our goal is to ensure you are well versed in the best possible sales techniques to build on the excellence of your product offering. We help cut through the noise by teaching proven techniques that focus on improving performance and building lasting relationships with those corporate buyers who often have the success of your products in their hands.

Your sales professionals will learn to identify and eliminate the biggest and most costly errors made in the buying process, and intuitively learn how to avoid compromising the buying process.

IMG_1344Performance Improvement

Sales Blueprint® focuses on performance improvement, using proven sales methods to help you avoid common mistakes while maintaining your integrity.

Each of our courses is tailor made using high tech, proven training techniques so each participant remains highly engaged. We use experiential learning, role play, simulation, case studies, and exercises designed to not only enable self discovery learning but to also empower your team to hit the right notes to achieve their own personal best.

High tech tools make it easier to access and retain information using videos, social media, iPads and Pre-work. We provide you with post-course enforcement and a resource library that allows your team to continue to enhance their skills and have access to the materials they need to “seal the deal”.

IMG_1338Focus on Behaviour

Sales Blueprint® courses are not merely focused on sales however, but the science behind client reaction as well. Using behaviour science we are able to zero in on the perfect formulation that will work best for your business and target the different decision makers within your prospects’ organisations.

Sales Blueprint® understands that sales training comes from research on behavioural science and how it is applied effectively to make sales.

Discover how Sales Blueprint® can add make a real and measurable difference to your bottom line this year, by contacting us on +65 9821 7399, fill in the contact form, or click here to learn more about our Sales Training Solutions.

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