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asian business team, focus on man in frontWhat is it that sets a good salesman from a great one?  Why is it that some sales people meet their targets year after year, even in times of economic troubles or downturns in consumer confidence?  Experts in sales suggest that there are a number of quantifiable qualities and skills that all great sales people have.  While they can participate in sales training and development in Singapore, managers should also be aware of these traits and be on the look out for people with them during recruitment drives.

1.  Persistence

Selling can be a hard and lonely role:  think of the cold caller scrolling their way through endless lists of people or the salesman trying to convince clients to switch to their service – this kind of activity can result in a lot of resistance and knock backs.  The ability to be resilient, and get up once they’ve been knocked down, is critical to a sales person’s ultimate success. 

2. Negotiation

Some of the best sales people manage to make the customer feel as though they’ve negotiated hard and won, even if that is not the case at all.  The customer might walk away feeling as though they got a bargain, when in fact they paid the price that the sales person wanted. Having a clear position, and then being able to negotiate towards that, is an important skill of all great sales people.  This type of ability can be taught in sales training and development in Singapore, however it also helps to have a flexible nature and a personality that is focused on the end result.

3. Empathy

There is a world of difference between making a deal with someone (or buying a product or service) who you feel understands you, and making a deal with someone who you feel couldn’t really care less.  People who deal with customer service or handling customer complaints are usually very well trained in showing empathy, simply because it shows that they can relate to the customer’s point of view.  Empathy allows sales people to be human, but it also shows that they will try hard to solve your issue, sell you the right equipment or get you the best deal they can. 

4.  Ambition

We all want staff who want to do a good job, and it’s good to see employees who want to better themselves and even become leaders.  This is particularly so with sales people, as the more success they have individually, the more the team will benefit overall.  Ambition is a great quality because it provides its own motivation, even above and beyond salaries and bonuses.  They key to encouraging and developing ambitious sales staff is to monitor and reward their successes, and give them a clear career path to follow within the company.

5.  Focused On Detail

Almost universally you will find that the best sales people are also focused on details.  They are highly organised, and are generally well prepared for meetings.  If they are meeting clients for the first time, they will have taken the time to learn what they can about the company, know everything they need to about their service or product offering, and, if negotiating, will know all the facts and figures to be able to make the deal happen then and there.  Disorganised and distracted employees do not make for good sales people.

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