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Discover the 7 Costly Mistakes 80% of the Sales People Make…

Download your FREE copy of the 2015 Sales Blueprint® Report now and learn how to:

  • Understand your customer’s buying cycle
  • Increase the value of each sale
  • Broaden the reach of your brand
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Increase your bottom line


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New Rules of Selling Free Seminar


We invite you to experience the Sales Blueprint® methodologies first-hand,

by attending one  of our free New Rules of Selling one-day seminars  


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High Touch Sales Training Programs

High Touch Selling Skills™

Tap into the art of listening and engagement with Sales Blueprint®’s High Touch Selling Skills™ program.

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High Touch Presentation Skills™

Learn how to plan and prepare superior presentations that connects with your audience with Sales Blueprint®‘s High Touch Presentation Skills™ program.

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High Touch Negotiation Skills™

Our High Touch Negotiation Skills™ course teaches the art of Verbal Behavioural Analysis in order to measure the words and actions of buying professionals in any negotiations.

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High Touch Strategic Selling™

After this course you will understand better how buyers think, and how to identify key players within an organisation. We will teach you how to engage with decision makers, and how to overcome concerns that can destroy high-value opportunities.

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High Touch Skill Coaching™

Ideal for managers and team leaders, our High Touch Skill Coaching™ show how to evaluate and coach sales professionals in order to build on their strengths and overcome weaknesses.

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Public Workshops

Sales Blueprint® offers a wide range of public workshops for sales professionals or team leaders who want to increase their personal performance and are designed to create true sales champions.

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Training Partners

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Giving Back

Everyday at Sales Blueprint® we see how education empowers individuals. By donating 10% of our income to specific education-focussed initiatives, we are helping, at the grassroots level, to improve the prospects of children in disadvantaged communities.

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Download Your FREE 2015 Sales Blueprint® Report

Find out the 7 mistakes 80% of sales people make that is costing companies thousands of dollars, and how to avoid them in 2015