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Companies We Have Trained

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New Rules of Selling Free Seminar


We invite you to experience the Sales Blueprint® methodologies first-hand,

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High Touch Sales Training Programs

High Touch Selling Skills™

Tap into the art of listening and engagement with Sales Blueprint®’s High Touch Selling Skills™ program.

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High Touch Presentation Skills™

Learn how to plan and prepare superior presentations that connects with your audience with Sales Blueprint®‘s High Touch Presentation Skills™ program.

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High Touch Negotiation Skills™

Our High Touch Negotiation Skills™ course teaches the art of Verbal Behavioural Analysis in order to measure the words and actions of buying professionals in any negotiations.

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High Touch Strategic Selling™

After this course you will understand better how buyers think, and how to identify key players within an organisation. We will teach you how to engage with decision makers, and how to overcome concerns that can destroy high-value opportunities.

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High Touch Skill Coaching™

Ideal for managers and team leaders, our High Touch Skill Coaching™ show how to evaluate and coach sales professionals in order to build on their strengths and overcome weaknesses.

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Public Workshops

Sales Blueprint® offers a wide range of public workshops for sales professionals or team leaders who want to increase their personal performance and are designed to create true sales champions.

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Training Partners

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Hear From Our Clients

  • Peter Salazar – Head of Phama Chemical Solutions, Merck Millipore

    “BP Blew Away All My Preconceived Notions of What Selling is All About.”

    “I have not for a long time had the privilege of recommending someone so unhesitatingly as I would do BP. Our initial interaction was some years ago when BP conducted a sales training for our team. Having already had some years of experience in the field, I was, admittedly circumspect as to the value addition that BP would bring to our team. I am happy to place on record that BP blew away all my preconceived notions of what selling is all about. His deep knowledge , his scientific approach and more than anything , the evangelical zeal that BP brings to the profession of Sales Performance Training, singles him out as one of the best practitioners of the art. Over the years our team has been through various levels of Sales Performance Improvement, some conducted by BP and he has been to the team a mentor and a guide .Our team has a deep admiration for his ability to coach, to deconstruct a sales call and carry the training through in a way acceptable to a cross cultural set of individuals. The results , moreover are tangible and an investment in a training by BP to my mind will yield a very high rate of return. In conclusion, I have the greatest pleasure in recommending him to any organisation interested in developing the Sales team (except my competitors!)”
  • Danny Lai – Business Advisor, SPRING-SIM Business Advisors Program

    BP is a very innovative and energetic manager, who have lots of passion in work and always deliver on his promise. With his good people skill, he kept his trainees highly engaged and energised during his training session.
  • Trip Allen – Field Sales and Management Expert

    BP facilitated my initial sales training while and is one of the best trainers I have trained under. BP's vast sales and facilitation experience, along with his high level of tenacity and interest, contributes to a highly successful training program. I highly recommend him.
  • Saravanan Packirisamy – Senior Manager, Commercial Effectiveness, South East Asia, Baxter Healthcare

    Mr. BP LIm is highly skillful in delivering training courses. He has strong ability to ensure high level of understanding of participants. His sessions are demanding and yet fulfilling for the participants. He never fall short in sharing; that says much of his personal values in giving and sharing. I highly recommend him to company's, industries that is looking for a training provider that is practical and realisitc with a justifiable costing. One of the very few trainers that impresses me.
  • Tina Chen – Business Unit Manager, C.R.Bard

    BP is a highly professional trainer for business consultant and selling skill strength. The way he teaches is making a difficult concept easy to understand. He uses interesting and innovative methods in the class. I've enjoyed the SPIN training very much. My learning from his class is not only the SPIN but also spiritual inspiration. I would like to recommend BP and endorse his professional skill.
  • Ben Hopkins Managing Director – Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals Thailand

    I did a sales training led by BP. Can recommend BP unconditionally. Very high energy, street smart, and experienced. Not one of these trainers who just reads from the manual but very practical, excited by the concepts and highly committed to everyone in the room. BP is the real deal!
  • Jinwoong Kim – Country Manager, Akamai Technologies

    I had a prejudice against 'Sales Training Course' that it is boring before I met BP on May 2013. He taught a customized program to our North Asia sales team. During & after the class, all of us agreed that he has a special talent in delivering difficult concepts in easy and simple ways. Because of his special sense of humor, we lost track of time. We, Korea sales team, are now using common sales language after the class. We understand the power of questioning skills and apply the value creation principles to engage the clients effectively. I HIGHLY recommend him to Korean customers. His English is also easy to be understood.

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Giving Back

Everyday at Sales Blueprint® we see how education empowers individuals. By donating 10% of our income to specific education-focussed initiatives, we are helping, at the grassroots level, to improve the prospects of children in disadvantaged communities.

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